We know Poker is a pretty interesting game and most of you would want to try it or have tried and still want to play.Poker is also a card game, but works on your skill and ability. Playing poker isn’t as easy as many people think.

Let’s see how this game is actually played, the rules and regulations of it.If it is your first time visit to a casino, relax, the staff members are very helpful. For you to find the poker room, or to add your name to the games list, you may talk to the staff member or the dealer.

But, to be very true, all these members would be very courteous and friendly; they wouldn’t want to lose a customer. Before starting on any game, the most important aspect or part to be dealt would be the staff of that playtech casinos.

Know the staff members well and give them their due respect, you are sure to have a happy experience.but works on your skill and ability. Playing poker isn’t as easy as many people think. Well, please read some tips below, about playing the Poker game.

The Poker room

Most of the casinos have separate poker rooms or card room, if you can’t find one; please reach to the staff members. Enroll yourself for the games that you want to play for the day. There is always a place to sign the waiting list. There might be a white board with names of the players written or a person would write down initials of the participants. So, go ahead and give your name.

The First bet, Big Blind

There is something called as Big Blind, which is the largest forced bet, at the beginning of the game. The player, who contributes to this bet, will rotate one position to the left after every game. So, wait for this chance before you start playing. Even if you don’t take part, watch, observe the happenings. This will give you much needed information in playing.


If, in an unlikely case that these signs are not available, please ask the dealer about it.Once you enroll, wait. Wait for your name to be called out, once a seat is available. Don’t make fuss or act in a hurry, this would upset the other participants and leave a bad impression about you. Having patience will help you in a good way.

Dealer Tips

Dealer tips are a very noticeable point, though not every time. If you get a good competent dealer, since every penny counts when you are at a casino.Of the house when both of you do well is a way of appreciating them and ensuring a good experience the next time.

Until you start playing, it’s good enough to watch the game, but once you keep your hands on the card, you must do a little bit of multitasking. Make sure that your cards are in plain sight. Once you start with the game, better that you pay attention to the happenings on the table. Notice the straight possibilities and the flush, in certain games and watch out what your opponents are up to. Pay attention to other players.

Just because you have put money in the game or the pot, doesn’t mean you have to stay till the end. There are high chances that you would lose the game, lose your money further, by just ‘staying in the game’. Once you couldn’t hit the pot, it’s better to put your hands down and stop putting in your remaining money, else we assure you that you would lose all the money. Don’t play for the sake of it, or in a thinking of getting back your money. It ever won’t happen.

It is not advisable that you play when you are drunk, in your better interest. When the mind is under the influence of a substance, it loses its power to think wisely, hence leading you to the path of loss. And there are few other people who create nuisance when they are drunk. So better to stay off it, to be a better player and have a good overall experience.

It would be better to relax at home when you are stressed, rather than going to the casino to play the poker. Playing at casino is not a stress buster, until and unless you are a billionaire. Stressed mind won’t work better and your chances of losing are eventually high. This again adds up to the built up stress. So for your good cause, stay away from such dangers when your mind is in bad shape.